Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to create a Username and Password?

A: Because your iBottomline program is entirely web based, all of your Saved Files and personal closing cost defaults are stored “in the Cloud.” Only your Username and Password will allow access to your Saved Files and Settings.  

Q: Who will have access to my Name and Email Address?

A: Only the designated Admin person assigned by the Local WFG Office. No one, including Turning Point Software will have access to your Saved Files and Settings.

Your Name and Email Address will NEVER be used or given to any outside companies for any commercial use.

Q: Can I have an account for a different State or County?

A: Yes, you can an account for Any State or County as long as that operation is licensed with Turning Point Software.

Q: Where do the default costs come from?

A: Default costs are set by an escrow officer or settlement expert designated by the local Title Operation. Because iBottomline is a cost estimation program, default costs are set high and may be customized by the user.

Q: How can I change my default costs?

A: Once you have logged into your account, Click on the Settings icon. Changes made to your settings are permanent.

Q: What if I made a mistake, can I change my Settings back to the Defaults from my local Title Operation?

A: Yes, from the Settings page Click on the Link: Re-Download Default Costs.

Warning: Any previous custom changes you had made to your defaults will be overwritten.

Q: What if I discover a bug?

A: Please report any problems or bugs by emailing us with the information. We need to know; what module (Buyers, Sellers etc.) you discovered the problem and which cost(s) appears to be in error.

Use the following to email us:  support@iBottomline.com or Click on the Technical Support link in the iBottomline program and use the form to report the problem or bug.